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Who we are

A-Plan have come together with Moonrock Drone Insurance to provide you with a product that has been specifically developed and designed for hobby and recreational drone pilots in the UK. Please note, we are not a comparison site. All prices are derived and underwritten by Munich Re Syndicate who provide the capacity and insurance expertise. All prices are derived by Munich Re and are listed in the quote documentation. We do not provide financial, investment or other advice in relation to the product or service compared, nor do we provide recommendation or endorsement of product or service.

Our core values

We always aim to

  • Take pride in everything we do
  • Act with integrity and honesty
  • Deliver value for money
  • Treat you with respect at all times
  • Be role models within our industry
  • Provide high quality, professional and expert advice

Our Insurer

Underwritten by Munich RE

The consumer drone insurance product is underwritten by the Munich Re Innovation Syndicate at Lloyd’s.

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